Aromatherapy combined with magnesium and sulfate to offer you the most luxurious relief from stress or muscle aches. While your pains melt away, your senses will indulge in a beautifully refreshing burst of scent from one of our many fine options.

Product Highlights:
● Made with all natural ingredients
● Products sourced from USA (except Himalayan salt)
● No carcinogens or harmful toxins
● Never tested on animals
● Alcohol-Free & Non-GMO

Superstar Ingredients:
Magnesium Flakes, Epsom Salts, Dentric Salts, Apricot Oil

To use simply scoop out and pour bath salt into a warm bath tub. We recommend four wood scoops for fragrance and at least one full handful to help with muscle aches and pains. Let dissolve and stir slightly with hand to evenly disburse scent and Epsom salt for relief.

No Added Parabens
No Added Phthalates